Guilie Castillo Oriard

Guilie #2Guilie Castillo Oriard is a Mexican writer currently exiled in the island of Curaçao. She misses Mexican food and Mexican amabilidad, but the laissez-faire attitude and the beaches of the Caribbean are fair exchange. Plus, the bounty of cultural diversity inspires great culture-clash fiction.

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Truth Serum Press published her novella The Miracle of Small Things in August 2015. You can buy the paperback book by clicking here, or on the cover image below.


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Guilie has also contributed to the anthologies Wrath, Sloth, Greed, GluttonyLust, Summer, Tall…ish, Five, Gorge and A Year in Stories.

In April 2018, Everytime Press published Guilie’s how-to book, It’s About the Dog: The A – Z Guide for Wannabe Dog Rescuers.


To purchase It’s About the Dog, click here for  paperback  /  ePub iBookstore  /  Amazon Kindle  /  Kobobooks B & N NOOKbook

author photo © Miguel Russo Hart