Len Kuntz

Len Kuntz is an adult still living in a nine-year-old’s head and heart space.

He is the author of five books — the story collections The Dark Sunshine, I’m Not Supposed to Be Here and Neither Are You and This is Why I Need You, one poetry collection The Dishonesty of Certain Mirrors, and a volume of personal essays, This is Me, Being Brave, published in October 2021 by Everytime Press.

Over 1,200 of his stories appear in print, or at online journals.

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, Len posts additional scribbles at his website, People You Know By Heart, which you can find here: https://lenkuntz.blogspot.com

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Len has contributed to a number of anthologies including A Cluster of Lights, Snatches of an Aria, Marriage, Work, Love, Gorge, Barcode, True, Wiser, Happy², The Tyranny of Bacon and A Year in Stories.