Darryl Price

Darryl Price absolutely hates author bios. They remind him of an early form of Facebook: you only get to look at the elephant from the most charming angle. He doesn’t want to create a false narrative and doesn’t believe anyone cares where he went to school or who his heroes are? If he saved another child from drowning when he was a boy? It doesn’t matter.

An award doesn’t make him someone you should know. The only reason someone should read his work is because they want to or it means something to them. Or because they are curious, because they are alive, because they can think for themselves.

Darryl states. “I’m just another person. I’m not trying to be anything special. I’m just trying to be honest, and real, and not boring.”

Darryl writes to exercise his freedom of expression. “I don’t know if it’s any good or not. And I don’t care about being famous. I only want to create something that is not a lie. I’ve always thought of it as a handprint on a cave wall. It’s hello and goodbye. Hello, to say I was here once, too. And goodbye, to say even though we’ve never met I’m really glad you were here, too.”

Truth Serum Press published Darryl’s poetry collection The Tiger Who Jumped Over the Moon in September 2021.

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Darryl also contributed to Pure Slush‘s A Year in Stories.