Rob Walker

Rob Walker didn’t begin writing seriously until the mid 1990s. Since then he has published hundreds of poems online and in print in Australia, New Zealand, USA, India, Ireland, Scotland, England and the Middle East, on air and on CD. His poems have been interpreted by the Zephyr String Quartet, performed with MaxMo (an Adelaide-based collective of poets and jazz musos) and translated into Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, Japanese and Chinese. He has had spoken-word, poems and music broadcast on ABC Radio and CD.

Rob also writes occasional poetry reviews and essays, and makes his work available on, where it has been remixed by musicians in many countries. He has recently begun to focus on short fiction and memoir.

In recent years Rob and his partner taught English to senior-high and university students in Himeji, Japan and now live permanently in Adelaide, South Australia.

Rob’s books include gods for a new world (2018), Original Clichés (2016), tropeland (2015), policies & procedures (2015), phobiaphobia (2007), micromacro (2006), Thirty (co-edited with Louise Nicholas) (2006), and sparrow in an airport, New Poets Ten (2005).

Truth Serum Press published Square Pegs, Rob’s collection of poetry, stories and essays, in 2018.

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Rob has also contributed to the anthologies Greed, Gluttony, Lust, Happy², Inane, Wiser and Freak.

author photo by Martin Christmas