Nod Ghosh – interviewee and judge

Nod Ghosh, author of Filthy Sucre and The Crazed Wind (both published by Truth Serum Press), is the guest judge of the July - October 2020 Bath Flash Fiction Award. Here she talks about flash, being judgy (but in a good way), and her attitudes to 'What's-the-Pointism', 'Don't-Be-Too-Hard-on-Yourself-itis' and 'Open-a-packet-of-Crisps-and-Bottle-of-Wine-Instead Syndrome'.

‘The Crazed Wind’ reviewed at takahē magazine

The Crazed Wind by Nod Ghosh has been reviewed by Sandra Arnold at takahē magazine. Arnold writes, “Nod Ghosh, an accomplished practitioner who has published many flash fiction pieces in international journals and anthologies, has put together a collection which is a brilliant example of what the form can achieve by engaging the reader in … Continue reading ‘The Crazed Wind’ reviewed at takahē magazine