‘Sydneyside Reflections’ at Flash Frontier

Excited for Flash Frontier to publish its interview with Mark Crimmins about his book Sydneyside Reflections (out now from Everytime Press in paperback and ePub). Thanks to Michelle Elvy, magazine's founder and editor for the opportunity! Purchase Sydneyside Reflections by clicking here. Find the interview by clicking here: https://www.flash-frontier.com/2020/09/30/crimmins-sydneyside/ Find a taste of Sydneyside Reflections by … Continue reading ‘Sydneyside Reflections’ at Flash Frontier

‘Verdant’ has been published in ePub eBook

Finally ... Verdant Truth Serum Vol. 5 has been published in ePub eBook. Verdant is the second volume in the Truth Serum Press colour series. (The others are Indigomania and Glow.) For a taste of Verdant, click here. Featuring the work of Joseph Allison, David Atkinson, Shawn Aveningo-Sanders, Linda Barrett, Dev Berger, Michael Berton, Henry … Continue reading ‘Verdant’ has been published in ePub eBook

‘Decennia’ by Jan Chronister now available in paperback

Truth Serum Press is very happy to announce the publication of Decennia, fifty years in verse (new and selected poems) by Jan Chronister, out now in paperback. "Jan Chronister pulls us deftly through her world by rebuilding images that lead us deep into all seasons of life and place. Her ability to ground us in … Continue reading ‘Decennia’ by Jan Chronister now available in paperback