‘On the Bitch’ now available

YES! Truth Serum Press is happy to announce …

On the Bitch by Matt Potter is now available to purchase in paperback!

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Friends for over thirty years, Otto (and his wife Kendalynn) invite Hugh (and his girlfriend Magda) to spend a weekend away at their glamorous beach house. Fond memories are rekindled as drinks flow and confidences are shared. But the delicate balance is shattered by the unplanned arrival of Otto’s fiery daughter Valerie. Bitter rivalries quickly resurface and simmering tensions explode. Friendships are soon threatened, international relations strain to breaking point, and their fun-filled beachside getaway becomes a fuming, frenzied free-for-all!

“A really addictive read. I wanted to spend more time with the characters and find out what happens next.”

~ Gill Hoffs, author of The Sinking of RMS Tayleur, The Lost Story of the William & Mary and Wild: a collection