‘Easy Money and Other Stories’ published in paperback

Truth Serum Press is pleased to announce the paperback publication of Easy Money and Other Stories by Steve Evans.

Find a taste of Easy Money by clicking here

“In a terrifically impressive collection of short short-fictions, Steve Evans takes us on a tour of the metaphorical sinkholes of suburbia. Via his observant eye and febrile imagination, we behold the mischievous and manic, the tawdry and tragic, and more. We come upon familiar scenes that then glow in a broadband delivery of hyper-realism. Second-hand books become a successful stalking strategy. A private letter-burning becomes a communal cleansing. In a final afternoon tea, a potential inheritance is consumed in gold-leaf-infused cakes. A deposit-secured wedding cake, a promised book of window paintings, a normal Bay-City tram … never arrive.”

~ Moya Costello, author of The Office as a Boat: a chronicle

Stay tuned as eBook versions are released over the next few weeks …