‘The Last Free Man and Other Stories’ now available in ePub

Truth Serum Press is really very happy to announce the paperback AND ePub eBook publication of The Last Free Man and Other Stories by Lewis Woolston.

For paperback by click here.

For ePub eBook, click here.

The short stories in this collection focus on life in remote Australia … where life is hard and the people have to be harder to survive.

Writes Helen Travers, author of A Little Lower Than Angels: “Each story enters a world apart, often spoken with a poetic dry wit, sometimes acerbic to the point of controversial, honest to the point of brutal. Many times you wonder how (these people) have survived – some don’t. In the great Australian outback – among the dry red soil, the mulga and saltbushes, where the kestrels observe and keep their secrets – beware who you’re talking to.”

Stay tuned as eBook versions of The Last Free Man and Other Stories roll out … and for sneak snippets of the collection, click here for a taste of The Last Free Man and Other Stories