‘Toy Train’ by Nod Ghosh released in paperback, ePub and Kindle

Truth Serum Press is extremely proud to announce the release of our third book by Nod Ghosh, the long-awaited Toy Train.

Nod’s previous books with TSP include The Crazed Wind and Filthy Sucre.

Toy Train is available in  paperback  /  ePub*  /  Kindle

* ePubs can be read on all Apple devices, and all eReaders except Kindle

“A boy named Peter arrives on a train … and Sally’s life is changed forever. In a series of tiny stories, Sally reveals what Peter has stolen from her. But there’s another voice. Peter’s voice. Because he hasn’t really done anything wrong. Has he? Years later, Sally uses another train to show Peter the cost of his actions. But is it enough to teach him right from wrong? This story could happen anytime, anywhere. Toy Train … when games are not what they seem to be.”

For tastes of Toy Train, click here.